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Feather Edge and Flow Blue Plates

One of the first projects Bill and I started on was two wonderful cabinets we had acquired. I had always wanted a feather edge collection and flow blue, but never had the right spot to display, and Bill took a liking to pewter. I had a few pieces already, but they were scattered throughout. So, the feather edge and flow blue became my project and the pewter became Bill's, and I must admit, he has a beautiful collection thus far. Of these two cabinets, one was from my dear friend and antique aficionado, Mary Jane's home. This stepback cupboard is very special to me, as it was in her home, and Mary Jane passed away several years ago. Needless to say, we have a filled to brim home of some fond memories of her wares, and now a sentimental piece that adorns our living room. The other cabinet is a very, and I mean, very primitive, cabinet I picked up one of my trips to The Pine Cabinet in Mineral, VA. For you folks that live nearby, it's worth a trip to see Bev and her husband, John Sims. Their home is lovely, and they are just delightful folks. They have several open houses throughout the year, and you can just "stop by chance" or make an appointment.

Here's the story behind these cabinets, I didn't tell Bill I was buying either one of these and just showed up at home with them, and said, hey, honey, I found a treasure... can you help me carry it in! Well, let's just say, "whew, I'm glad he liked them"! LOL! I wasn't quite sure after I brought home the primitive one if I really "loved" it, but I did love all the holes, uneven boards, even the coffee tin piece that has been nailed in to the side of it. So, the "hunt" for ware to place on it began, and it started out as a pewter cabinet, and the stepback cupboard that was in our living room had our feather edge and flow blue display. Ya' know me, and my forever "redecorating/changing things up" thing I've got goin' on, I decided one afternoon, just for kicks, to see how the cabinets would look switching out the collections. Well, needless to say, I LOVED IT! The pewter looks so nice in the darker cupboard, and the feather edge and flow blue, along with a Daisy pattern salt glazed butter crocks, salt crock, and our butter paddles looks so nice against the primitive wood and complements the dining room decor. Actually, to give credit where credit is due, Bill had suggested this to me, and I am so glad I decided to have an afternoon of playing for what has turned out to be two really nice display cabinets.

So, here's to "switching up" your decor, and lovin your collections from our home to yours!

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