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7 Quick Takes (10) - Planning Ahead

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1. The other day my husband and I were talking about our future children's future careers. Okay, so we're nowhere near pregnant, but we've already decided what four of them will be doing:

2. Farmer. Many people might laugh to see this one first, but this and the next one are the most important! See, my family's been farming the same land since 1818. That's almost 200 years! And sadly, not a single person in my generation is going to continue the family tradition. None of us 10 grandkids are going to become farmers. I am horrified by the thought that my dad and uncle might be the end of the line. So one of our kids is going to have to pick up the slack. Plans are already in the works for all of them to spend some time with my parents on the farm every summer.

3. Priest. Let's be honest, praying for vocations is not enough. We've got to try to foster them within our own families! I think one of the consequences of smaller families (ahem, thank you contraception) is that parents don't encourage this in their children. After all, if you've only got one son, you'd probably rather he carry on your family name.

My husband the scientist is adament that we will only be having sons, so that won't be an issue for us. Also, if we do have any daughters, religious life will be equally encouraged.

4. Doctor or Scientist. Many parents dream of their children becoming doctors; my dream specifies an NFP-only OBGYN. Of course my husband would be just as happy with a scientist, as one of his rants is the poor science education in this country and lack of American scientists (who are necessary for cool government-related science stuff).

5. Olympian. Between my ears and my husband's nose, we don't expect our children to be very good-looking; but we expect them to have strong bodies! Between my huge legs and my husband's thinness, things are looking good for our kids in the athletic department. My husband the scientist is convinced that he could train a professional hockey player. On my part I hold out hope for a triathlete or perhaps a professional cyclist. Note that while I played rugby in college and loved it, that will not be an option: I don't want our children exposed to that culture.

6. If we have more than four children, I guess that means one of them will actually get to decide their own future! Although I should add that if we do have a girl, my husband has deemed a country music singer an acceptable career for her.

If we have less than four, I think that Olympian would be the first to go. One of the others can just be a weekend warrior who always places in his age group.

7. Yes, I do realize that we don't get to pick and choose our children's careers for them and they will follow their own callings. I also realize that we are not in control of how many children we ultimately have, as much as we like to think we are. But it sure is fun to dream about it now!

How about you? What are your plans for your (future or real-life) children?

p.s. I'm making friends!

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