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Do we really need another feminism?

There are many strands of feminism out there, and it's a valid question to ask if another one would just be superfluous. Is New Feminism really any different from the other ideologies floating around?

Yup. To illustrate this, we can compare it to two extremes: radical feminism and anti-feminism. New Feminism is really the perfect middle ground between these two poles. For example, take the whole work or stay at home issue. Radical feminism thinks all women should work and it's demeaning to stay in the home. Anti-feminism thinks no women should work and they should all stay in the home. New Feminism recognizes the very valuable contributions of both women who work and women who stay at home, and says there is no one right thing to do.

We can also see New Feminism's realistic moderation when it comes to social reform. Radical feminism thinks everything was bad before; we've made some progress but still have a long way to go. Anti-feminism thinks everything was good before, but the feminists really messed it all up; they generally long for a return to a clearly patriarchal society. New Feminism acknowledges there was inequality and a need for change before; some progress has been good and some of it has been harmful; and it seems to take a more global aspect on what still needs to be done.

A great many tenets of New Feminism are felt by many (a majority of?) women: for example, not hating men (even liking them and wanting to marry them!) and the understanding that men and women are both equal and different. However, New Feminism is more than just putting a name to what many women already feel and live, as important as that is. It also takes it a step further. It's a pro-life feminism (which contrary to what some say does not mean it's anti-feminism in sheep's clothing). It embraces our bodies in a way that most modern women have never considered. It truly promotes women and leads to an authentic freedom.

Have you ever longed for any middle ground between the feminist/anti-feminist extremes? Or do you identify more with one side than the other? Do you think feminism is even (still) necessary?

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